Assessment and Grading


Examinations, assessment and grading are held according to the regulations arranged by the University Senate. There are one midterm and one final examination for each course. Examinations are written examinations however if necessary they can also be performed orally or by practice work. The evaluation of the weights of the courses is determined by the lecturer at the beginning of the semester. The weight of the final examination can not be less than 60%. The final evaluation is performed by the lecturer.

All students are required to perform summer practices as a part of graduation requirements. They must complete a summer practice of at least 40 working days in two seperate sessions. For the summer practice evaluation, students have to pass both from the summer practice report and presentation. During the summer practice presentations, each committe of lecturers evaluates the students performance separately and an average score is calculated for the student.



AA 4.0
BA 3.5
BB 3.0
CB 2.5
CC 2.0
DC 1.5
DD 1.0
FF 0.0